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Saturday, 02 August 2008
The Supervisor of the web site (Nation of the Islam) on the personal is Mr. Mohammed M.S Al-Kazimi.
Mr. Mohammad is author, writer and poet, specialized in domain of the scientific Religions, and he have a numbers of religious books entitled (Truths in Scientist of the Holy Book - study in scientist of the Holy Books), the first part of it was completed and published from twenty parts through the publishing and distribution agency with the name (Dar Al Shrouq- for publishing and distribution) and that was in Jordan
2003, after that it was distributed in all over the world.Image
Mr. Mohammed Al-Kazimi is distinguished in his complete independent and absolute self-regulating, and he is not dependency on any official or unofficial side in the rising of his religious activities and summoning.
It is also good to know that Mr. Mohammad arranges his incoming from different works and activities.
Mr. Mohammed was born in Bagdad 1965, his origin from Palestine – Al Quds (Jerusalem), he have a Jordanian identity, his family Al-Kazimi belongs to the generation of the holy family from Al Husain grandsons (Allah blessing him)the son of Ali (Allah blessing him- the cousin of the prophet Mohammad) and the son of Fatima Al Zahraa (blessing of Allah about her- the daughter of the prophet  Mohammad) the messenger of Allah (prayer and peace of Allah be upon him).
Mr. Mohammad Al Kazimi worked in different engineering offices, companies and in the general contracts and construction, his three years study for the architectural engineering in TU Graz / Austria was enough to start an occupational life for arranging the required of living cost for him and his family.
He was also active in many social special activities, like his invitations to establishing of association with the name (friends across the borders) and also he wrote many messages directed to all Arabic and nun Arabic embassies calls them to establishing of cultural and civilized exhibits , for approximation the different Ideology directions Between all nations and the people to unification of energies and possibilities of the Human Being in confrontation of the dangers and the challenges which faced the humanitarian society in general in form as the poverty , the illness , the hungers and the natural disasters.
From all that was the idea of establishing this web site ( with the target of unification the efforts and energies of all Muslim in the world for facing their challenges by bringing them together and unification their word and rearrange their rows to be as a one unite in confrontation their enemies.
Our main concern through this web site (Ommatalislam) is to focus on the pure Islamic identity and of the intention all Muslim in confirmation their affiliation to the Great Islamic Nation and we will not stipulate here any details or advance concepts, So we will trust and depends on the Muslim testimony , when he say and agree that there is only one Allah and that the prophet Mohammed is the messenger of Allah and he is the last prophets and no prophet will come after him, and that he confessor of his duty to fallow the roles of the prayer and to pay the part from his money to the pour people (al zakaat), and to fasting Ramadan, and to visit the house of Allah as a  pilgrimage if he can.
Therefore the administration Team of Ommatalislam website take the opportunity to invite all Muslim around the world without any exclusion for the participation and  the registration hereby in the Ommat Al Islam web site (The Nation of Islam web site) and from then the contribution in making the statistic of the Muslim around the world successful by including all Muslim in this activity, to prove that the all Muslims are one nation and one Unit as Brother and Sisters according to the Holy Quran and our Prophet Mohammad (prayer and peace of Allah be upon him) by showing the world our unity and the real effect of Islamic religions in the Muslim life and that can only happen after the support and blessing from Allah the creator of all creations.  
We thank Allah for his blessing and support by establishing this web site and our pray and peace on the prophet Mohammad the messenger of Allah and on his Family and Friends and his Husbands and all his Grandsons and follows him till the judgment day.
Last Updated ( Friday, 14 November 2008 )
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